Magchan Testimonials

My daughters had skin irritations caused by conventional detergents. After using Laundry Magchan, their problems went away!

Yumeka (Auckland)

I was surprised to see that Laundry Magchan had really cleaned our clothes as well as any laundry detergent! I like that it smells fresh with no strong odour.

Bridget (Matakana)

What really puts a smile on my face is that at the ‘end of its laundry life’ the pouch can be cut open and the magnesium rich grains can be added to your garden soil to enrich it!

Karen (Marlborough)

I'm very sensitive to odour, so I love it! It doesn't smell at all even though I hung up my washing inside my apartment. 

Henry (Auckland)

I feel happy that everytime I do my washing I'm contributing to a greener planet!

Jenny (Northcote)

I've tried a lot of 'sensitive' laundry products but have never had such a good result! Highly recommended

Amelie (Tauranga)

Its convenient and saves time and money! I have been using it for over 10 months but it still works really well.

Ayako (Auckland)

Building a sustainable environment, together.

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