Baby Magchan - Detergent-Free Laundry (Pink)

Baby Magchan - Detergent-Free Laundry (Pink)

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Baby Magchan is an alternative laundry product that helps you do your laundry without using any chemical detergents. It contains 99.95% pure magnesium, which reacts with water to form an alkaline solution that removes dirt and odours from your clothes.



  • Non-toxic
  • Detergent-free
  • Eco-friendly
  • Septic tank-friendly
  • Suitable for sensitive skin


***Baby Magchan is only recommended for a small load of laundry. For larger loads, Laundry Magchan is recommended.

- It is about 10 times more effective than conventional detergents in its odour-removing capability. 

- Removes more than 99% of bacteria. 

- No harsh chemicals. No chemical residue. Ideal for those with sensitive skin, e.g. babies, and people who are prone to allergies.

- Reusable over 300 times. Approximately 1 year's laundering for the average family (approximately 25c per wash). 

- Protects fabrics by preserving fibre and colour. 

- Works with front or top loaders. 


Place a pouch of Magchan into the washing machine with your dirty laundry, and start your wash cycle as per usual. 

Hang Magchan to dry to extend its life cycle.