The Science Behind Magnesium and its Cleansing Powers

Magchan, an eco-friendly laundry alternative from Japan, harnesses the power of magnesium to clean clothes without using any other additional chemicals.

Our customers love the convenience and environmentally-friendly nature of Magchan, but many of them have asked, “so how does magnesium actually clean our clothes?” So we did our best to explain the basic science behind it.


How does magnesium clean our clothes?

AMagchan contains pure magnesium (Mg) pellets.

B. When Mg reacts with water in your washing machine, they generate hydrogen gas, H₂, and magnesium hydroxide, Mg(OH)₂.

Mg²⁺ + 2H₂O  → H₂ + Mg(OH)₂
Mg(OH)₂  ⇌ Mg²⁺ + 2OH- 


C. The production of magnesium hydroxide results in an alkaline pH.

D. These negative hydroxide ions in essentially act as surfactants (just like soap!). Surfactants help reduce the surface tension of water, making it easier for dirt and oil to mix through the water to be washed away. This action helps get rid of these dirt and oil from your clothes!

By doing your laundry with Magchan, you can achieve 100% residue-free cleaning, while keeping our waste waters free of hazardous chemicals for the environment :)

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