Sustainable Environmental Solutions

Sustainable Environmental Solutions

SakuLab is undertaking a number of projects aimed at positively impacting the natural environment in New Zealand through the introduction of sustainable solutions and technologies from Japan.

These projects seek to address some of the historic practices that have occurred in the past but that are unsustainable, in order to create a sustainable society.

The following are examples of product solutions, currently being developed, with a focus on making improvements to Water and Soil health:




Biopot is a sustainable potting solution from Japan made from 100% biodegradable materials, which allow optimal root formation, and plant health. Biopots (pictured below) eliminate the need to use vinyl potting bags. Unlike other potting bags, Biopot can be planted directly into the soil, saving time and labour cost. After planting, Biopot is gradually decomposed into water and carbon dioxide by microorganisms in the soil.



Enishi Enzyme Water

Through a proprietary process, contaminated water is treated to result in an enzyme-enriched water that has many beneficial properties. These include bio-remediation (the use of naturally occurring microorganisms to break down environmental pollutants), and the improvement of plant health through its beneficial action on microbes in the soil.

Biopot comparison

Above: Plants treated with Enishi Enzyme water (left) versus untreated (right).



Enishi Rock

Enishi Rock is a pumice-like substrate made from 100% recycled glass, that is mixed with soil to provide optimal growing conditions for plants. It is more effective at retaining water than other potting materials like perlite, and its porous structure allows beneficial microorganisms to stay in close proximity to plants' roots.