Magchan FAQs

Will Magchan remove dirt and stains?

  • Yes, the test result shows Magchan is as effective as detergent in decomposing sebum dirt.

Do I need pre-spotting strong stains?

  • Yes. Because Magchan does not contain any chemical bleaching or brightening agent unlike regular detergent, for tough stains, it is recommended to do some partial wash or apply stain remover on the areas before wash, especially for white cloths.

Will Magchan remove odor?

  • Yes, the test result shows Magchan is about 10 times stronger in removing odor components than regular detergent.

How does laundry smell after washing with Magchan?

  • Magchan does not contain any fragrance agents, so laundry will be fragrance free with fresh scent. 

Does Magchan work without any suds?

  • Yes, it works without any suds.

    Does Magchan need rinse cycle?

    • No, since Magchan doesn’t create suds(bubbles) and doesn’t leave any chemical or soap residues, you can save rinse cycle so to save water.

    Can Magchan be used in drying cycle?

    • Leaving Magchan inside a machine during drying cycle will not cause any problems or affect cleaning property, but we recommend to remove Magchan before drying cycle because it may damage a nylon bag faster than not doing so.

    If I accidentally forget to remove Magchan before drying cycle, will it affect cleaning property or damage the product?

    • No, it will not affect Magchan ‘s cleaning property and it will not damage the product. However, since leaving Magchan inside a washing machine during drying cycle may damage a nylon bag faster than not doing so, we recommend to remove Magchan before drying cycle.

    I often forget to take out Magchan and leave it in a washing machine all day or overnight. Will it damage a laundry machine or affect Magchan’s cleaning property?

    • No, it will not damage a laundry machine. However, leaving Magchan in wet place like in a washing machine for long hours when not in use may facilitate unnecessary oxidation, which may shorten the product life cycle and lower product performance, so make sure everytime to air dry after use.

    Can I use Magchan three times a day or can it be used consecutively?

    • Yes, you can and you can use Magchan consecutively. The effects are same even if you use Magchan more than three times a day or consecutively.

    Can Magchan be used in hand wash?

    • Yes, it can be used for hand wash. Soak Magchan in water with cloth for 20-30 minutes and this should raise pH level of water to about 10.5, which makes easier for water to remove dirt from fabrics. pH level of water raise faster by a washing machine than just soaking Magchan in water because Magchan is well scrubbed in a washing machine. Only raising pH level of water will not offer full cleaning property compared to when used in a washing machine. In order to have full cleaning property, please scrub Magchan well for few minutes in water (with cloth) just like when used in a washing machine.

    Can I use bleach with Magchan?

    • Yes, you can. However, DO NOT USE chlorine-based bleach. Oxygen-type bleach should work well with Magchan.

    Can I use Magchan with fabric Softener?

    • Yes, however we recommend using an eco-friendly essential oil to reduce the impact on the environment.

    How do I know when I need to replace Magchan?

    • We recommend making a note of when you first start using it. You can use Magchan for over 300 wash cycles without any change in its effectiveness. It depends on how often you do your laundry but for most people this is more than one year of laundry. If you would like, let us know and we can send you a reminder.
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