Magchan FAQs

Q. How do I use Magchan?

Put in Magchan with your laundry into your washing machine.
Select a regular wash cycle (instead of shorter cycles like “speedy”) to give the magnesium plenty of time to react with water and remove dirt.
After the wash cycle has completed, remove Magchan and let it hang dry.

Q. What is the difference between Laundry Magchan and Baby Magchan?

Both Laundry and Baby Magchan contain the same type of magnesium. The only difference between them is the shape, and the quantity of magnesium contained. Baby Magchan is recommended to be used for a smaller load, and Laundry Magchan for a larger one.

Q. Will Magchan remove all kinds of dirt?

Magchan has about the same cleansing power as most conventional detergents. It can remove all kinds of dirt that regular laundry powders and liquids can.

Q. Can I use detergent/fabric softener/bleach with Magchan?

Magchan can be used with neutral or weakly acidic laundry detergents.
We recommend that you use eco-friendly laundry liquids if you must use a detergent as well.
Non-chlorinated bleaching agents can be used along with Magchan.
Fabric softeners can be used along with Magchan. We recommend using eco-friendly fabric softeners, or better yet, citric acid as a more environmentally conscious option.

Q. Can it be used in both top and front loaders?

Yes, Magchan can be used in both top and front loaders.

Q. Do I still have to do the rinse cycle?

Yes, the water used to wash your clothes contains dirt, so the rinse cycle is still required to clean your clothes completely.

Q. Can I put Magchan in the dryer?

It is safe to dry Magchan in the dryer. It is recommended to hang dry instead of using a dryer though, to extend the lifespan of Magchan’s mesh fabric cover.

Q. Can I use Magchan in both hot and cold water?

Magchan can be used in both hot and cold water. Follow the recommendations printed on the tag of your clothes to prevent any damage.

Q. Can I use Magchan to wash wool or silk?

Magchan cannot be used to wash wool and silk, as the alkaline solution created by Magchan can break down animal proteins (which is how Magchan removes dirt from your clothes in the first place)!

Q. How many times can I reuse Magchan?

Magchan can be reused about 300 times. After 300 washes, the quantity of magnesium in a pouch of Magchan would have decreased significantly (about 20% of initial weight). At this point, we recommend that you either replace your Magchan with a new one, or use it in conjunction with a new pouch of Magchan to supplement the washing power.