"Environment" is the first priority, when it comes to building a sustainable future for children five generations ahead.

But what exactly are we looking for in a "perfect environment"? Is there such a thing as a good or a bad environment? Let's break it down.

We want our environment to be safe for everyone to live in. We want it to be clean, beautiful, plentiful in resources. We want it to nurture us, allow us to learn, innovate, and grow. We want our environment to hold a bounty of potentials for future generations to come.

Now, how do we achieve that?

We think that the most immediate and effective way of protecting and building such an environment, is through ensuring that the water is clean and the soil is fertile. It is because clean water and fertile soil are the absolute foundations of a sustainable ecosystem. It is through such an ecosystem that all creatures can continue to thrive. It is through such an ecosystem, that we can continue to nourish the land that continues to nourish us.

Clean water and fertile soil. It's easy to say, but it's incredibly hard. We think that the key to achieving these things is through ensuring that the natural microorganisms living in them are healthy and are in abundance. So it is these microorganisms that are ultimately the key foundations of a sustainable ecosystem.

It is through this belief that our activities at SakuLab are what they are today. But protecting and building a better environment is not something we can do on our own, neither would we want to. There are so many brilliant projects and organisations out there, who do incredible work that support and enhance each other through the common goal of building a sustainable future. We just strive to be one of them. It takes lifestyle changes and community involvement on all of our parts. We invite you to join us in this journey.