A clean, healthy, and beautiful environment. A meaningful lifestyle led by a sense of purpose. Sustainable environment and sustainable lifestyle are not achievable without the help of our dearly beloved local communities. This is why we believe community is one of the main pillars that support our core mission of building a sustainable future for children five generations ahead. It's important to us that we continue to work closely with local groups and organisations that are doing good for the people and the world around them. Together, we are more than the sum of each of us. Together, we can inspire and motivate each other to think, plan, and take action so we can take care of this beautiful planet for future generations to come.


 With our friends at Kai Rotorua. Lots of experimenting to see how Enishi Water and Enishi Rock can help grow healthier, organic kumara!


Getting in touch with our artistic side, playing with kids using peel-able latex-based face paint :)

At a community event at Milton Primary School.


Volunteering at Eco Matters' natives nursery is always fun and rewarding. Their nursery manager Chrissy is incredibly knowledgeable about native plant species and how we can all play a part in taking care of New Zealand's wilderness.