• Environmental Benefits of Magchan

        Let’s talk about laundry. We hardly put much thought into things that we do day in and day out, like laundry. But do you know how exactly lau...
  • Magchan - Convenient, Sustainable, Effective

    Magchan, the detergent-free laundry alternative, takes advantage of the natural properties of magnesium to clean dirty clothes. Unlike most commer...
  • The 5Rs of sustainable living

    Have you heard of the "5Rs" of sustainable living? It is a framework which can help guide us to apply sustainable values to our everyday life. Refuse, Reduce, Recycle, Repair and Reuse.

  • What are Sustainable Values?

    Adopting sustainable values means rethinking the way we live and behave as a society, in order to embrace a lifestyle that can be sustained for generations to come, and also to help address some of the problems we have created. Before thinking about the solutions to these problems, it is useful to consider how New Zealanders feel about the key issues.