The one about our Auckland spots we're vibing right now

It's been so fun and educational visiting our friends at OMG in Eden Terrace. It's amazing how much knowledge they have about growing organic produce in an urban farm in a economically and environmentally-feasible manner, while being kind to bees. They also grow veggies that can be hard to find in supermarkets, so check out their Facebook page if you're feeling epicurious ;) 

This programme we found at Kings Plant Barn in Remuera lets people drop off their used plastic plant pots, or take them home if they need some! Biodegradable pots are great, but the next best thing you can do is probably to reuse your plastic pots as many times as possible. Successful reuse programmes need to be convenient for users, making this a great idea that costs next to nothing to implement. Check this place out if you're in need of planting pots, or simply looking to part with some extras you've got laying around in your garden.

Coffee breaks are a must especially on weekend team meetings. Last week, we dropped by at Kokako Organic Coffee Roastery to pick up a few used Hessian Coffee Sacks we thought we could repurpose as office decor. Turns out, they were having a pop-up event that morning! We couldn't resist so we treated ourselves to bottomless brews of their Planadas coffee, and some yummy sandwiches :)

So that's an update on a couple team outings we've had recently. Hope we'll have more to report back on another blog post soon, perhaps featuring some of the volunteer sessions we attend at the Eco Matters natives nursery. Till then!