Magchan - Convenient, Sustainable, Effective

Magchan, the detergent-free laundry alternative, takes advantage of the natural properties of magnesium to clean dirty clothes.

Unlike most commercially available laundry powders and liquids, which can be harmful to our skin and the environment, Mg-based Magchan contains no other added chemicals, just pure magnesium.

It is also kind to sensitive skin, as it leaves no residue on your clothes! 



Effective Deodoriser 

Magnesium reacts with water to form an alkaline solution, which is a natural surfactant that helps to remove oils and dirt from clothes.

Magnesium has proven to be 10 times more effective at removing odours, than conventional detergents.

The results below are from a study that tested for odour removal from sweaty sports clothing.

Levels of acetic acid, propionic acid, butyric acid, isovaleric acid, valeric acid, and heptanoic acid, which are odours that can commonly be found in sweat-soaked sportsware of children and teenagers, were tested.


Magchan showing superior odour removal.

Test conducted by Hitachi Chemical Techno Service Co., Ltd


Other studies have shown that the E.coli bacteria, which start to grow after 6 hours in saline (salt-water) solution, were absent even after 28 hours in a Mg-based solution. 

Not only can Magchan prevent smelly clothes, but also protect you and your family from diseases with its antibacterial properties.


Gentle on Skin 

Mg-based laundry is gentle on sensitive skin


Magchan is 100% residue-free, making it ideal for children and people with sensitive skin.

The chemical residue from powder and liquid-based laundry detergents can cause skin irritations, especially for children or people with sensitive skin. 

Magchan only contains pure magnesium, which reacts with water to form an alkaline solution.

It is this alkaline solution that helps remove dirt and oil from clothes.

Because Magchan does not contain any other chemicals, there is no residue left on your clothes after laundry that can irritate your skin.

Anyone with sensitive skin can safely use Magchan without having to worry about skin irritations and flare-ups. 

Saves Time & Money

According to data from, conventional laundry detergents in New Zealand cost on average around 25c per wash cycle for powders, and 24c per wash for liquid detergents.

Sensitive-skin and eco-friendly brands are more expensive at 45c, and 35c per wash for powders and liquids respectively.

In comparison, Magchan only costs 19c per cycle for a small load (using Baby Magchan), or 25c per cycle for a large load (using Laundry Magchan), since they can be reused for more than 300 wash cycles!


Price comparison of laundry products


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How to use Magchan?

Simple. Just throw in a pouch of Magchan into your washing machine along with your dirty laundry, and run the cycle just as you normally would.

It is not necessary to use any detergent or powder along with Magchan, although they can definitely be used in conjunction as well.

Our eco-friendly, Mg-based Magchan comes in two different sizes:

Laundry Magchan: suitable for large load.

Baby Magchan: suitable for small load.

Magchan is available for purchase at our online store.