Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas

The holiday season is nigh! It's a time of the year when friends and family get together to celebrate love and care for one another.

The sad thing lately though, is that the holiday season has become an excuse for consumerism, perpetrated by the retail industry. It's not necessarily a bad thing to want things, it's just when it is mindless, or when things are purchased out of obligation rather than necessity or from a genuine place of joy, that we should probably rethink how we purchase and consume all this stuff. At least, that's what we think. Having said that, the holiday season is a time of joy, a time to share with our family and friends. Gift-giving is a beautiful aspect of that, so this year, we tried to come up with ways we can continue on with this joyous practice while straying away from mindless purchases. Here are a few ideas!


Homemade Body Lotion

Turns out, making your own moisturiser is way easier than we thought!

Most recipes (we like this one here by Wellness Mama) only require three to four ingredients - usually beeswax, a few types of career oil (e.g. olive, coconut, jojoba, almond, etc.), and if you want, essential oils for additional benefits/fragrance.

Jar them into reusable metal or glass jars, make a pretty label, and gift them to your loved ones for extra love on their skin :)

homemade_skincarePhoto by Jillien Minera on Unsplash


If you are short for time and would like a buy a homemade product instead, Five Elements provides some beautiful natural skincare products, all made in Marlborough, New Zealand. Their Skin Tonic Balm is our staff favourite for the season - it's perfect for healing sunburnt skin!


Beeswax Food Warp

We know, we know, it's all the rage, and everyone's already doing it. But that doesn't change the fact that it's still a brilliantly eco-friendly and convenient product! (By the way, it's only eco-friendly if you actually reuse it for its full potential life! Keep in mind, growing cotton consumes a lot of water so reusing till death is key, just as with any other object in our lives.)

Photo by Bee Naturalles on Unsplash

Our favourite recipe for making our own beeswax wrap, by This NZ Life: 



Gift your loved one the joy of detergent-free laundry! Your skin and the planet will thank you for it.


Homemade Flavoured Salt

Colourful, flavourful, and most importantly, so easy to make! A perfect present for your foodie friend. There are so many varieties you could make with lemon, garlic, rosemary, etc. but our staff favourite is definitely this basil salt recipe by Elaina from The Rising Spoon.

Photo by Calum Lewis on Unsplash


Homemade Tea Blends 

We'll spill the tea...this is probably our favourite gift idea of all times (we're all tea lovers here at the SakuLab HQ and we may or may not be a tad bit biased).

One of our staff is an avid knitter and a huge fan of Maria from Ninja Chickens, and swears by her recipe of Apple Cider Doughnut Tea. You can either follow the recipe, or order her homemade tea blends from Maria's etsy shop here.

Photo via Ninja Chickens on